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By Pat McCloskey, OFM January 29, 2020


Why did God permit Jacob to trick Isaac into giving him Esau’s birthright?

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'Readings and Homilies Hinder My Faith'

By Pat McCloskey, OFM December 27, 2019

How can I attend Sunday Mass when the readings and homilies make me question my faith? I love the Catholic Church, the faith in which I was..

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The Martha and Mary Balance

By Mark P. Shea July 24, 2017

Lots of ordinary Catholics feel guilty stepping out of the rat race to pray. They often feel as though seeking the peace and guidance of God in..

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The Bible and Beyond

By Father Roger Karban June 22, 2017

When people ask during what period of history, besides the present one, I would prefer to have lived, I have no problem answering. I would have..

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