An Unlikely Patron Saint

By Shannon Evans September 27, 2019

We are still on the road to which you have called us, but whose name you have not given us. We are carrying the poverty of not knowing where you..

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Saints Next Door

By Diane M. Houdek October 24, 2018

Do you live next door to a saint? Pope Francis thinks you do. And he thinks maybe your  neighbor does too. Could your grandmother be a saint? What..

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St. Josephine Bakhita—A Model of Faith

By Christopher Heffron January 22, 2018

Her kidnappers gave her the name Bakhita, meaning “fortunate.” Her life in captivity wasn’t quite so. Born in Darfur in 1869, Josephine Bakhita..

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Miracles Happen: The Simple Witness of Solanus Casey

By John Feister October 12, 2017

Why did they follow him? Why did they line up by the hundreds on a Detroit sidewalk or in New York, day after day, patiently waiting their turn to..

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Meet the Famous Franciscan Saints

By Robert Ellsberg September 25, 2017

Each of the Franciscan Saints is a living Gospel. They have all, in some partial way, embodied—literally incarnated—the challenge of faith in..

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Why Pray to Mary and the Saints?

By Pat McCloskey, OFM April 24, 2017

Why do Catholics pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to various saints? Is there anything in the Bible to back this up? Can’t this be considered..

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