Blessings in Our Brokenness

By Susan Hines-Brigger September 27, 2019

On the bookshelf in the corner of my bedroom sits a ceramic toad. Yes, a toad. It is nothing great to look at. In fact, it’s dull, dusty, and..

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Continuing Education

By Susan Hines-Brigger August 23, 2019

For many across the country, the school year is just getting underway. We parents will load our kids up with all the necessary supplies—except..

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Scars from the Past

By David Dault, PhD June 24, 2019

Here’s my confession: The laughter of my children bothers me. I’d be sitting on the sofa or fixing myself a sandwich and hear it from the other..

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The Power of Voices

By Susan Hines-Brigger June 24, 2019

Anytime someone asks me what I do for a living, I tell them I’m a storyteller. Sure, I have a more formal title than that, but telling stories is..

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What Sparks Joy in You?

By Susan Hines-Brigger March 26, 2019

am mildly obsessed with all things organizational—planners, office supplies, boxes, baskets, bins. If it can make my life more efficient or..

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Be Present

By Susan Hines-Brigger February 25, 2019

At the beginning of each year, I try to find a phrase that will challenge me to grow for the next 12 months—physically, emotionally, and..

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‘I Like You’

By Susan Hines-Brigger January 25, 2019

Do you remember when you were younger, and friends used to ask if you “liked” someone? I mean “liked” in the sense that you thought that person..

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‘I See You’

By Susan Hines-Brigger November 26, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to gift-giving I have two rules, the most important of which is this: no gift cards. My second rule..

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By Susan Hines-Brigger September 23, 2018

I am the mother of three girls. I am the youngest of three girls. For the past year, I have watched in horror as story after story of sexual..

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