David Dault, PhD

Faith Unpacked: Our Call to Evangelization

By David Dault, PhD May 26, 2020

Many years ago, long before I became a Catholic, I worked as a youth minister at a midsize Presbyterian congregation on the east side of Atlanta...

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Faith Unpacked: Works in Progress

By David Dault, PhD April 29, 2020

My son and I are working on a project together. He is trying to keep his room clean, and so am I. To be honest, keeping things clean is a..

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A Leap of Faith

By David Dault, PhD October 30, 2019

Have you ever made a decision based on very little information that will surely affect the rest of your life—as well as the lives of everyone in..

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An Ongoing Injustice

By David Dault, PhD August 23, 2019

Earlier this summer, I took a plane from Chicago to the Mississippi Delta to go on a pilgrimage around the Gulf Coast and deep into southern Texas..

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Finding Your Saint

By David Dault, PhD July 26, 2019

few weeks ago on Twitter, a friend who is becoming Catholic asked, “How do you pick out your saint?” There were lots of good responses. I added..

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Scars from the Past

By David Dault, PhD June 24, 2019

Here’s my confession: The laughter of my children bothers me. I’d be sitting on the sofa or fixing myself a sandwich and hear it from the other..

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Undoing Life’s Knots

By David Dault, PhD May 23, 2019

Every day, I carry a card among the items in my left pocket. I believe it was a gift from my wife, Kira (who has given me similar wonders through..

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It’s Complicated

By David Dault, PhD April 28, 2019

When I was a young man, I took a trip to the Grand Canyon and rode from the top to the basin on a mule. We reached the bottom in the late..

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Faith Unpacked

By David Dault, PhD December 26, 2018

Keep the Children Safe

Back in 1989, a week of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood episodes was devoted to story lines about working mothers. In one story..

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