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By Pat McCloskey, OFM May 23, 2019

In simple terms, how can I explain the Trinity to a non-Christian?

St. Patrick is said to have used a shamrock to illustrate unity and diversity...

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I've Killed a Lot of People

By Pat McCloskey, OFM May 23, 2019

In the US Navy, I served in Desert Shield/Storm/Provide Comfort and other missions. The commandment says, “Thou shall not murder.” Well, Father,..

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Kingdom of God Term

By Pat McCloskey, OFM May 23, 2019

What does kingdom represent in the Gospels that speak of the “kingdom of God” and the “kingdom of heaven”? What about the expression “The kingdom..

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Undoing Life’s Knots

By David Dault, PhD May 23, 2019

Every day, I carry a card among the items in my left pocket. I believe it was a gift from my wife, Kira (who has given me similar wonders through..

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No More Excuses, Please

By Susan Hines-Brigger May 23, 2019

This past April, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI returned to the public eye in a spectacular fashion. In response to the February meeting of the..

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Forgiving the Unforgivable

By Daniel Imwalle May 23, 2019

Michael Vanderburgh is a people person. A self-described extrovert, he thrives on connection and communication with others, no matter what their..

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A Faith Shaken

By Sarah Margaret Babbs May 23, 2019

I received my first Eucharist from the hands of a sexual abuser—and this has shaken my faith. When I was a child, in the years after my mother’s..

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A Priest Speaks Out about Clergy Sex Abuse

By Janice Lane Palko May 23, 2019

In August 2018, a Pennsylvania grand jury released a report on clerical sexual abuse in six Catholic dioceses in the state. The report identified..

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Reel Time June 2019

By Rose Pacatte, FSP May 2, 2019


A factory produces different kinds of felt dolls, and all of them must pass through quality control inspection. When a doll is deemed..

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Where Do Prayers Go?

By Pat McCloskey, OFM April 29, 2019

If you are praying for someone who may have gone to hell, where do those prayers go? Should you keep praying for them even though you don’t really..

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