We All Want to Be Loved

Posted by Mark Mossa, SJ on Jun 26, 2019, 5:00:00 AM

Image by Bessi from Pixabay My suspicion is that if you were to ask most people what they had the hardest time with, and they all answered honestly, the majority of people in contemporary American society would say “being loved.” For most of us, it has something to do with our drive to be independent and self-sustaining and to at least appear as if we can make it without anyone else’s help. What we don’t realize is that this, as much as anything else, gets in the way of the desire for love in our lives. We are a love-obsessed people with a love handicap. We have to recognize our vulnerability. However, this very word illustrates the problem. We tend only to speak of our vulnerability to bad things. These days, for example, we hear a lot about our vulnerability to attack. But how often do hear people speak about our vulnerability to love? It even sounds wrong, but it shouldn’t. Vulnerability to love should actually be seen as our greatest gift.

—from the book Already There: Letting God Find You, by Mark Mossa, SJ

Already there: Letting God find you


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