The Cross: Ultimate Symbol of Fidelity

Posted by Franciscan Media on Sep 14, 2017 5:45:00 AM

The Cross: Ultimate Symbol of Fidelity | Image: Wikimedia Commons

Among all the religious symbols in the world, none is more universal than the cross. You see crosses everywhere: on walls, on hillsides, in churches, in houses, in bedrooms, on chains around peoples’ necks, on rings, on earrings, on old people, on young people, on believers, and on people who aren’t sure what they believe.

Not everyone can explain what the cross means or why they choose to wear one, but most everyone has an inchoate sense that it is a symbol—perhaps the ultimate symbol—of depth, love, fidelity, and faith.

–from Ronald Rolheiser, author of the book The Passion and the Cross

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