Solitude with God

Posted by Roch Niemier, OFM on Jun 5, 2018 5:00:00 AM

Solitude with God | Photo by Elisabetta Foco on UnsplashOne does not go into solitude just to be there, or to be alone, or to struggle with one’s false self or demons. That would be sadism. A person builds a rhythm of solitude into life because of a need to meet and surrender to Christ. One may resist that, but it is a need. It is not possible to maintain and nurture a life of solitude without this dynamic. I must be aware that I want to meet Christ in my solitude. The surrender may be just for a moment, but if it is unconditional at that moment, there is peace and calm. We know the nearness of the Lord and then it is possible to encounter the transforming power of our God.

—from In the Footsteps of Francis and Clare

In the Footsteps of Francis and Clare

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