Saint Teresa of Avila and the Light of Christ

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Saint Teresa of Avila and the Light of Christ | Image: Wikimedia Commons

Teresa of Avila had no desire to be set apart as “the holy one,” because she believed she was far from perfect. She told a priest, “During my lifetime, I have been told that I was handsome and I believed it; that I was clever and I thought it was true; and that I was a Saint, but I always knew that people were mistaken on that score.”

Teresa’s reputation for sanctity spread, in spite of her protests, among those who weren’t blinded by jealousy. Try as she might to bring her flaws to light, the Light of Christ shone more brightly within her. This holy radiance shone around her and all the saints because they carried Jesus within them. Saint Teresa’s life of prayer made this divine presence possible.

—from the book The Four Teresas by Gina Loehr

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