Our Center Finds Us

Posted by Richard Rohr, OFM on Jul 18, 2019 5:00:00 AM

Photo by Mario Purisic on UnsplashLiving and accepting our own reality will not feel very spiritual. It will feel like we are on the edges rather than dealing with the essence. Thus, most of us run toward more esoteric and dramatic postures instead of bearing the mystery of God’s suffering and joy inside ourselves. But the edges of our lives—fully experienced, suffered, and enjoyed—lead us back to the center and the essence. We do not find our own center; it finds us. Our own minds will not be able to figure it out. Our journeys around and through our realities, or “circumferences,” lead us to the core reality, where we meet both our truest selves and our truest God. We do not really know what it means to be human unless we know God—and, in turn, we do not really know God except through our broken and rejoicing humanity.

—from the book Yes, And...: Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr 

Yes, And ...: Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr 



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