Hearts Afire

Posted by Franciscan Media on Nov 28, 2017 5:45:00 AM

Hearts Afire | Image: (c) Ondrooo www.fotosearch.comThink of an act of charity: helping a sick loved one, feeding the hungry, offering aid to storm victims, visiting the imprisoned. All of these acts of love require the gift of self, from which new life and healing can spring forth in ourselves and in others.

Gazing into the eyes of Jesus with Mary, opening ourselves to the presence of the mystery, entering into the mystery through the maternal tutelage of our mother who knows its secrets, we are changed, transformed. The inner confines of our heart are illuminated; the soul is enflamed with the love of God; the mind is purified and made new.

—from the book The Rosary: Your Weapon for Spiritual Warfare
by Johnnette S. Benkovic and Thomas K. Sullivan

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