Call Forth the Good News in Others

Posted by Roch Niemier, OFM on Aug 17, 2019 5:00:00 AM

franciscan friarIn their dramatization of the Gospel, the brothers rewrote the script of life that included: the primacy of God, a spirit of prayer and penance, a life of simplicity and poverty, ministry to lepers (the outsiders), brothers from every walk of life or social status living together, living among the little people, the poor, working with their hands and caring for the needy, being messengers of peace and reconciliation and doing all this within the church. From this new style of life, the Good News of the gospel was once again made visible. This shocked the people and made them wonder. We all believe we have the ability to give—love, friendship, the Good News. But the ability to receive the treasure buried in the heart of another who looks and thinks and believes differently than I do is quite something else. We have to call forth the Good News inside another by humbly coming before that person in our weakness and receiving the treasure of life, the beauty of God’s gift that is there.

—from the book In the Footsteps of Francis and Clare by Roch Niemier, OFM

In the Footsteps of Francis and Clare


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