Assisi Is a Living Prayer

Posted by Murray Bodo, OFM on Jun 19, 2018 5:00:00 AM

Minute Meditations | Image: Pixabay

Assisi is a living prayer. Its narrow streets stream with pilgrims year after year, their hearts filled with hope that maybe here in this place their prayers will be answered. They ask St. Francis and St. Clare to intercede for them, to help them know what it is they are looking for. They cross the threshold of the Basilica of St. Clare and kneel before the San Damiano crucifix that gave St. Francis the direction for his life: “Go and repair my house which, as you see, is falling into ruin.” They pray before the same crucifix the prayer of St. Francis:

Most High, Glorious God,

enlighten the darkness of my heart,

and give me correct faith

sure hope and perfect charity,

with understanding and knowledge, Lord,

so that I may fulfill your holy and true command.


—from Enter Assisi: An Invitation to Franciscan Spirituality

Enter Assisi

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