Are You Becoming a Mirror for Christ?

Posted by Ilia Delio, OSF on Aug 10, 2019 5:00:00 AM

Saint Clare of AssisiClare’s emphasis on the person of Jesus Christ is an emphasis on the human person as well, what we are and what we are called to be. Christ crucified is the mirror in which we are to see our reflection, our strengths and weaknesses, our failures and our capacity to love. Clare is not interested in the flight of “the alone to the alone.” Rather, she asks, are you becoming a mirror of Christ for others to see and follow? She wants us to reflect Christ in our lives, to help build up the Body of Christ through transformation in love, and to participate in the church. She is a mystic who calls us to go forward into God by letting Christ take on our flesh so that we may reflect the face of Christ to the world. She tells us not to be dissuaded in the path to God, to be resolute in our convictions and trust the guidance of the Spirit in our lives. Her thought is centered on the essence of human identity: Be yourself and allow God to dwell within you. Christ will then be alive and the world will be created anew.

—from the book Clare: A Heart Full of Love by Franciscan Sister Ilia Delio

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