A Vision for Our Fragmented World

Posted by Ilia Delio, OSF on Jul 16, 2019 5:00:00 AM

jesus-4265242_1920Bonaventure’s holistic view of God, humanity, and creation is a systematic vision that resonates with our contemporary world. In a fragmented, suffering, and power-dominated world, Bonaventure offers a vision that is not only breathtaking in its comprehensiveness but metaphysically grounded in divine goodness and contingent on personal intimacy and relationship. It is a world view that is critically needed in our time. He offers the world the truth that the Word, the center of the Trinity, is the center of the world because through the Word all things are created. When the Word takes on flesh in the incarnation, everything in the created world, in the past, present and future, is united to God because the incarnate Word is the eternal Word. The world, therefore, is grounded in the Trinity through the Word who is center. As we have seen, this center is the Crucified Word because the cross reaches down to the depths of that which is furthest from God and reconciles all to God. As Crucified, Christ manifests to us the overflowing love of God. Bonaventure reminds us, therefore, that suffering is united to love in the cross of Christ. God’s gift of compassionate love is a suffering love that gives of itself freely and unconditionally, even in the face of sin. It is this love that sustains the created goodness of all reality.

—from the book Crucified Love: Bonaventure's Mysticism of the Crucified Christ by Ilia Delio, OSF

Crucified Love: Bonaventure's Mysticism of the Crucified Christ

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