Defining Myself

I am not defined by the story I tell or the experiences life has given me. I have experienced sorrow, but sorrow is not essentially who I am. I am the small green shoot of a flower making its way through the dark. I am the spirit experiencing what it is to be here in this form.

from Stars at Night

Our Daily Bread

To think of our own nourishment and satisfaction in terms of care for others and doing God’s work reshapes our understanding of the most basic Christian prayer: the Our Father. To be given our daily bread, to be nourished by the Lord, is to recognize the daily opportunities to see the needs of others and respond.

–from God Is Not Fair

Acts of Mercy

Jesus helps us to see more clearly. It’s when we do God’s work that our heart finds its true home. It’s when we help feed the hunger of others, share our resources with those in need, and replace our selfishness for the selflessness modeled by Jesus that we begin to recognize the true faith we seek.

–from God Is Not Fair

Be Selfless

Christ calls us to do something far more difficult than minding our own business and watching our own backs. It is to love, forgive, heal, and be merciful in the way that God is already with us, even if we are so preoccupied with ourselves that we cannot recognize it.

–from God Is Not Fair

Perfect Love

As the Gospel of John assures us: “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear.” May we strive to love perfectly and, in so doing, remain in God.

–from God Is Not Fair

Christian Discipleship

Too often we look to saints or other exemplars of Christian living and romanticize their famous actions or behaviors. What makes them models of Christian life is not some singular display of faithfulness, but instead the culmination of a lifelong effort to make the little things, like lunch or work, into moments of encountering others that then help proclaim the good news of God’s love to the world.

–from God Is Not Fair

Sins of Omission

It can be so satisfying and self-gratifying to assess our lives and actions by what we have done that we ignore the evangelical challenge to confess our responsibility for what we have failed to do.

from God Is Not Fair

Infinite Wisdom

We must trust in the Holy Spirit and be open to the possibility that we don’t yet understand the fullness of our faith, and we have so much more to learn and discover.

from God Is Not Fair

Louder Than Words

It is no accident that Jesus connects God’s work with faith in him. The way one best proclaims his or her faith is by good works, for actions really can speak louder than words.

from God Is Not Fair

Care for Creation

Francis of Assisi had it correct from the start: Each aspect of creation is our brother and sister; we are part of the same family, the same community of creation. In this sense, those who don’t live up to their creational family obligation are not very pious at all.

from God Is Not Fair