A Freeing Experience

Admitting you are a sinner frees you from having to keep up appearances, it frees you from having to be right all the time, it gives you the humility to be able to drop your own agenda and simply adopt Jesus Christ’s. It is also the only honest self-assessment that a human being can have, so it frees you from illusions about yourself or others.

-from What Pope Francis Really Said

Building the Fire

Hold a space in your heart for the world. We’re all ancestors of future generations who hope we’ll build the fire that can be seen in the distance: all of us, each one of us, traveling together on the one road.

–from Stars at Night

Shaping Our Reality

We are creating the life we live. We are shaping our reality by what we pay attention to. All crises bring us to the same question: Will I consent to know love, whatever form it takes?

–from Stars at Night

Love and Be Loved

This is the great passage: to see deep into our own nature by meeting its reflection in everything around us. To swim with something very big. To allow the Universe to love us and to love deeply in return.

from Stars at Night

Arise from Your Sleep

An inner nature (the true self) is waking up and life is no longer a series of events through which we pass, but rather a mystery within which we awaken. There is a growing awareness that we are made for something more than the small story of our human life. We are intended to reach a greater potential.

from Stars at Night

Coming of Dawn

The coming of the dawn is the rising up of an inner light. In that undefiled dawn, the soul opens wide to life’s essential wonder, and the hidden meaning of being here knocks on the door of the heart.

from Stars at Night

Lighten the Load

In order to live more fully from an opened heart, we are greatly assisted by lightening our agenda and by spending time being quiet, clearing the mind and listening. These efforts assure the heart’s continued opening, and are trustworthy guideposts when you are beginning to find your way.

from Stars at Night

Defining Myself

I am not defined by the story I tell or the experiences life has given me. I have experienced sorrow, but sorrow is not essentially who I am. I am the small green shoot of a flower making its way through the dark. I am the spirit experiencing what it is to be here in this form.

from Stars at Night

Our Daily Bread

To think of our own nourishment and satisfaction in terms of care for others and doing God’s work reshapes our understanding of the most basic Christian prayer: the Our Father. To be given our daily bread, to be nourished by the Lord, is to recognize the daily opportunities to see the needs of others and respond.

–from God Is Not Fair

Acts of Mercy

Jesus helps us to see more clearly. It’s when we do God’s work that our heart finds its true home. It’s when we help feed the hunger of others, share our resources with those in need, and replace our selfishness for the selflessness modeled by Jesus that we begin to recognize the true faith we seek.

–from God Is Not Fair