Women of the Gospels

Posted by Colleen C. Mitchell on 8/15/19 7:00 AM

women in the bibleThe women of the Gospels give us all a unique picture of what Jesus had to say about women and their unique relationship with him. Finding ourselves in their stories can help us as women in our quest for identity and intimacy in Christ. 

A Prayer for My Mary Sisters

Dear Lord,
Illuminate with life-giving love these daughters of yours. I know your face is smiling on them as you see the spirit of your mother reflected in their open hearts. Let them feel your love hovering over them, overshadowing them, filling them with every good and holy thing they need. Let them feel your presence as they labor your love out into the world. Take the gift of their humble hearts and hopeful spirits and in return for such a lovely offering, fill them with peace, tenderness and love. Mother Mary, pray for us. Amen.

A Payer for the Elizabeths

Dear Father,
See your daughters here before you, carrying their hope in a quiet waiting. Come to them, Jesus, and let them know that you see their goodness and their righteousness and you are making a way for them. Give them fresh faith for their waiting, and a strong voice with which to proclaim your faithfulness. Keep your oaths to them, Lord, and let them see all the ways you are being faithful to them in the hidden places of their hearts. Honor their faithfulness with your goodness, Lord, and bring them into the light, where they can declare just how wondrous are your works and how mighty is your name. Send the, companions on their journey who will cultivate their quiet hope and elevate the song of their hearts. St. Elizabeth, pray for us. Amen.

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A Prayer for the Prophetesses

Dear Savior and Redeemer,
Give these sisters who see your eyes. Let them identify clearly your presence in the world around them, even when it shows up in small and unexpected ways. Give them the fortitude to pray without ceasing and leave behind the things of this world that would try to satisfy their hearts in place of you. Lord, be the one and only thing they long for, and set their eyes on world to come. Make them not only visionaries, Lord, but women who see you at work and proclaim it with confidence; women who point you out to the ones do not yet see and offer your saving grace to the ones who do not yet know what they are waiting for. St. Anna the Prophetess, pray for us. Amen. 

A Prayer for the Marthas

Dear Teacher and Friend,
Your invitation to your Martha friends is kind and gentle, an invitation to draw near to you, be confident in your life for them, and find peace in knowing there is room for all of them in you. Bless their servant hearts with a peaceful contentment that allows them to serve the ones they love yet remain always in intimate connection with you. Fill them with your spirit and let that love overflow from them out to others. Reward their bold faith and friendship with you with signs of redemption and resurrection glory all around them. St. Martha of Bethany, pray for us. Amen.

A Prayer for the Mary Magdalenes

Dear Resurrected Redeemer,
These friends are your faithful followers. The ones who show up to hurt and weep with you, the ones who rejoice with resurrection joy, and the ones who obediently run out to share your triumph over sin and death. Draw near, Jesus. Weave your wisdom and through them so that they will know it’s you when you call their them and light their darkness with resurrection light. Cradle their broken hearts, hearts that have loved well and loved deeply. And call out to them with the joy of new life that they may see and know that redemption is at hand. And bless them, Lord, with the obedience to go where you send them with that news. St. Mary Magdalene, pray for us. Amen.

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