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The Work of Our Hands

Though today is a day of rest, it's the perfect opportunity to look at how our work reflects God, who is often compared to a potter. We know from the gospels that Jesus worked with his foster father, who was a carpenter (or a stonemason). 
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Understanding Yesterday's Mistakes

Most of us have moments in our past that we regret: times when we were not who we wanted to be and times we acted outside our expectations for how we want to behave. During these times we may have hurt those we love or caused ourselves unwanted pain.
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Get to Know Yourself

What do you want to be when you grow up? Think back to your childhood. Do you remember how you answered this question?
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The Treadmill of Disengagement

I have always enjoyed exercise, especially when I am chasing after a ball or aiming for something I can hit. However, life’s demands began to limit my time to exercise. I started running to get the most exercise out of the time I had. In the winter when it was too cold to run outside, I would go into the gym and get on a treadmill.
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