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The Joys of Silence

Recently, when I turned my calendar over to November, I became painfully aware that the holiday season isn't far away. Where did the time go? Suddenly I will be rushing to cook, shop, and complete the million other tasks that seem to have become standard for a successful holiday.
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Our Quest for Happiness and Meaning

Happiness and a meaningful life are inseparable. You may know people who appear to have whatever good fortune can give and are nevertheless desperately unhappy. And there are others who in the midst of raw misery are deeply at peace and—well, genuinely happy. See if you can find where the difference lies. When we go deep enough, we find that the happy ones have found the one thing which the others are lacking: meaning in life. But we should not call meaning a “thing.” It is, in fact, the one reality in our life which is nothing.
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