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Mother Teresa on the Importance of Family

Love begins at home, Mother Teresa insisted when she was alive. Home and family are the twin tutors in love, compassion, patience, and service. The following words, which all center on the importance of family, are from Mother Teresa herself, taken from the book Thirsting for God: Daily Meditations.
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A Priest Remembers Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa influenced countless believers while she was alive. One such person was Father Patrick McCloughlin. He describes the powerful impact she had on those who met her: "It was like meeting Christ. You wanted to fall to your knees and adore her." He should know: this soon-to-be-saint changed his life.
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Mother Teresa's Compassion and Mercy

Image: Mazur/ Mass in Westminster Cathedral in honour of Mary Ward and the 400th Jubilee of the foundation of the Congregation of Jesus and the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters). Most of us know the story’s basics: Mother Teresa, born Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu, grew up in what is now Macedonia and joined the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland when she was eighteen and prepared to become a missionary. She arrived in India about three months later and served as a schoolteacher until just before her 36th birthday when she heard what she termed a “call within a call” that two years later would result in the founding of the Missionaries of the Charity Sisters, an order ministering to the poorest of the poor, initially in the slums of Calcutta. Their work was humble, simple, one on one.
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Mother Teresa: ‘The Saint of the Gutters’

On October 19, 2003, Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who died in 1997. The process leading up to the beatification has been the shortest in modern history. In early 1999—less than two years after Mother Teresa's death—Pope John Paul waived the normal five-year waiting period and allowed the immediate opening of her canonization cause.
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Mother Teresa’s Road to Sainthood

Scarcely two years after the death of Mother Teresa in September 1997, the Archbishop of Calcutta at the time, Monsignor Henry D’Souza, requested that Pope John Paul II dispense with the five-year waiting period required before beginning the process of beatification and canonization. 
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The Mother Teresa I Knew

The first time I heard Mother Teresa speak was at St. Albert’s College in Ranchi, India. I was doing my studies in philosophy at the college, and she came to address the staff and the students in March 1966. I met her personally at noon on November 30, 1966, in the motherhouse parlor in Calcutta. (In January 2001 the Indian government officially changed the city’s name to Calcutta.)
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