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Saint Francis And the Taming of the Wolf

The story of how Saint Francis of Assisi tamed the Wolf of Gubbio is one of the great legends linked with the life of the saint. I have never been too worried as to whether the story was historically true or not. I am more interested in seeing how the story fits into the pattern of biblical themes and of God’s plans for creation. In this well-known legend, Saint Francis goes to the Italian town of Gubbio, where a fierce wolf had been terrorizing the village and even killing some of the people, including children.
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Saint Francis and His Canticle

As a Franciscan friar for over 60 years, I am very familiar with the stories of Saint Francis of Assisi and animals. Many of you no doubt are familiar with the story of this brown-robed friar preaching to the birds. Or maybe that of his releasing Brother Rabbit from a trap, or letting Sister Raven serve as his "alarm clock" to awaken him for early morning prayers.
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The Franciscan Spirit in Over-the-Rhine

In 2009’s Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges won a well-deserved Oscar for playing Bad Blake, an aging country singer, failed father, drunk, and warrior poet. The film’s theme song, “The Weary Kind,” is playing in my office as I write this. Piercing the gravel-laden and unforgettable delivery of Ryan Bingham’s voice are the sounds of the neighborhood in which I work: police sirens, pedestrians, and blaring car horns fill the air. The chorus of the song reflects the journey of the film’s protagonist, but it’s just as true of the neighborhood I’m in: “This ain’t no place for the weary kind.”
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Saint Francis and Prayer

Our lives are so easily fragmented between responsibilities to friends, family, employers, neighbors, and the larger human family that we may think we don’t have the time or energy for prayer. That was the experience of Francis of Assisi up until his mid-twenties. Then he discovered that prayer was more real than many of the things he had been considering more important.
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Saint Francis, Peacemaker

“Being a peacemaker,” Friar Murray Bodo says, “can be a thankless task.” But the role of the peacemaker is essential. Saint Francis of Assisi surely understood that. He embraced those who were categorized as “the enemy” and offered himself as a living bridge of peace. 
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Saint Francis Meets the Leper

Saint Francis had a fear and abhorrence of lepers. One day, however, he met a man afflicted with leprosy while riding his horse near Assisi. Though the sight of the leper filled him with horror and disgust, Francis got off his horse and kissed the leper. Then the leper put out his hand, hoping to receive something. Out of compassion, Francis gave money to the leper.
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Similar Traits of Saints Anthony and Francis

On June 13, we celebrate the feast of Saint Anthony. This is the date on which he died in 1231, five years after the death of Saint Francis. Now is a good time to reflect on the many traits that Anthony and Francis hold in common.
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Saint Francis and the ‘Canticle of the Creatures’

How can we sum up the spirituality of Saint Francis? One way to start, Murray Bodo, OFM, says, is to consider Francis’ “Canticle of the Creatures.”
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Saint Francis for Seekers

Over 40 years ago, a gentle Franciscan high school teacher penned a seminal book about Saint Francis. It wasn’t a biography or a treatise on the little Poor Man of Assisi but a romantic, imaginative work that presents the saint from the inside out. Francis is a saint for seekers because he was one himself. He first set out to be a knight, fighting with the army of Walter of Brienne, was captured and taken prisoner in Perugia. He returned to Assisi, a sick and melancholy 22-year-old who didn’t know what to do with himself.
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Follower of Saint Francis: Sister Carmen Barsody, OSF

Image: Erik Seidenglanz. "Sometimes home is in the relationships we hold.” Sister Carmen Barsody, OSF, cofounder of Faithful Fools Street Ministry, in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, appreciates that statement—made by one of the people who work with the ministry. “Our first effort is to be in relationship, and then we move on from there,” she says.
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