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The Franciscan Saints: Bonaventure

Minister General of the Order, Doctor of the Church (1221–1274) Bonaventure, who was born to a wealthy family in Orvieto, joined the Franciscans around 1238 in the midst of his studies at the University of Paris. Saint Francis had died only some dozen years before, but already his order was rapidly changing the face of the Church in Europe. To Bonaventure, it seemed that the Franciscan Order “was not invented by human providence but by Christ. In it, the learned and the simple lived as brethren.” 
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Saint Bonaventure: A Franciscan Heart

Saint Bonaventure may not be as well-known as Saints Francis and Anthony, but he is an important figure in both Franciscan history and the history of the medieval Church. A Minister General of the Franciscan Order and a Cardinal and Doctor of the Church, Bonaventure left his mark as a scholastic philosopher and theologian, as well as a mystic writer adding significantly to the spirituality of the Franciscan movement.
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