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One Friar to Another: Thank You, Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony of Padua lived a remarkable life as a Franciscan friar, but his ministry happened completely by accident. In this week's Franciscan Spirit Video, Friar Clifford Hennings pays homage to this famous Franciscan and discusses his ongoing influence on Catholics the world over.
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How Saint Anthony Found Me

Saint Anthony of Padua is a name that conjures up many ideas and images: some factual, some the stuff of legends, some just plain silly. But doesn’t that attest to his importance as a saint? Only the saints can have that kind of an effect on people’s thinking. They tend to be bigger than life, and that’s what their stories are all about—men and women who are bigger than life, and who passionately love the Lord.
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Similar Traits of Saints Anthony and Francis

On June 13, we celebrate the feast of Saint Anthony. This is the date on which he died in 1231, five years after the death of Saint Francis. Now is a good time to reflect on the many traits that Anthony and Francis hold in common.
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