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I Am Anthony of Padua: Finding Balance

In C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters, which is an anthology of imaginary letters from Uncle Screwtape—an Under Secretary to Satan—to his nephew and novice tempter Wormwood, Screwtape encourages Wormwood to capitalize on the “troughs” and “peaks” of humans, to make good use of what he calls human undulation.
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I Am Anthony of Padua: Finding Holy Ground

Knowing the direction we must go is but the first stage of the spiritual search. I traveled long, I traveled hard. I felt sea terrors and land loneliness. But I was blessed to discover more than one place that spoke to my heart. You, too, need such a place, your own Bethlehem where you can be born and reborn, cradled and lullabied. I want to help you find that heart’s home.
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Why Saint Anthony Holds the Child Jesus

Next to Mary of Nazareth, the saint most often seen in artwork holding the child Jesus in his arms is Saint Anthony of Padua. If there is anything I’ve learned from visiting churches and Catholic missions throughout the world, it is that the image of Anthony and the child Jesus is a favorite around the globe. It can be found wherever Catholic missionaries have carried the Good News, even in the most remote regions of the world.
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At the St. Anthony Shrine, ‘All Are Welcome’

With over 400,000 Latinos in the Boston area—many of whom are Catholic—the Church has its work cut out for it in reaching and enriching the faith lives of this growing population. Enter Brother Mario Gomez-Tejerina, OFM. 
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Follower of Saint Francis: Father Larry Nickels, OFM

  Image: Statues in winter. Marketa. The daily average temperature in St. Louis during January is 31.8 degrees Fahrenheit, just below freezing. For those who make their homes in the area called South City, the threat of having utilities turned off due to lack of payment is very real. In this environment, a small organization called the Franciscan Connection stands ready to assist those facing challenging financial situations.  
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