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The Paintings and Prose of Thomas Merton

The genius of Thomas Merton (1915–1968) is to be found in his passion for God. It dominated the story of his life and enabled him to speak to people all over the world. His several vocations, which inform our perception of the man, must not be allowed, however, to obscure the fact that he brought to his life and work the instincts and the characteristics of a true artist.
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Discovering the Art and Truth of Thomas Merton

It’s fifty years since l discovered Thomas Merton’s book The Seven Storey Mountain. Like many before and since, l was deeply moved by his story – the turmoils of his early years, his desire to write, his discovery of prayer, his burgeoning vocations to the priesthood and the religious life, his passion for God. I never forgot the deep impact that the book had made on me, and l found over the years in my work as a priest that l continued to be drawn to him as his later writings – so insightful, so pertinent – spoke with a new compulsion about God, and the world in which we live, and the meaning of prayer, and the challenge of discipleship.
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