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Serving God, Not Mammon

  Image: xhowardlee | flickr. A couple weeks ago I went to Mass at my alma mater’s Newman Center. Once I discovered that the Gospel reading focused on not being able to serve both God and mammon, I figured the homily would be a pretty standard explanation of what the verse means: avoid mammon—the material goods and worldly prestige of the world—because it distracts us from God, our true master.  But when the priest got up to give the homily, he gave me insight into how much deeper the conflict between God and mammon goes.
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The Blessings of Service

Image: CNS. One of the easiest things for me to forget to emphasize in my faith life is service to others. I’m usually good about serving others in small ways in my everyday life, like holding doors for other people, saying hello to people I pass on the street, and so on. But I know that’s not all the Lord has called me to do for others.
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