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Follow in the Footprints of Christ

The very first phrase in the Franciscan Rule reads, "The Rule and life of the Friars Minor is this, namely, to observe the holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ." Discover Christ in the Gospels and all of Scripture and in a prayerful way get deeper and deeper into his mind and heart, and then you can, as Francis liked to say, "follow the footprints of our Lord Jesus Christ." 
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Friar Dan Reflects on Matthew 4:19

  We hear Jesus make an announcement at the beginning of Matthew's Gospel. Immediately after he delivers his proclamation about God’s kingdom, Jesus calls his first four followers, assuring the four fishermen, “I will make you fishers of men” (1:17b).  Friar Dan Kroger expands on this Gospel passage.
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The Power of Tradition and Sacred Scripture

There are many non-binding disciplinary, liturgical (meaning ceremonial), and/or devotional traditions that arose in the local churches over time. Those are “small t” traditions that can and often do change with time or circumstance. “Big T” Tradition is distinguished from various theological, disciplinary, liturgical, or devotional traditions, born in the local churches over time.
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5 Reasons Your Prayer Time Matters to the Church

We all know it is important to pray. Asked, we would certainly acknowledge that our prayer life is important. And we would likely assent to any addendum that reading Scripture should be key to any healthy personal prayer life. But far too often, when we sit on our own with our Bibles in our laps in the early morning light, or attempt to grab 15 minutes of quiet during nap time, it can seem we are praying in isolation.
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A World of Illiteracy

Image: Micah Hallahan. What God writes in the skies, the oceans, the wind, and the rain provides a glimpse of his purpose for our lives, rooted in his incomparably generous love. Since we are made in his image, this love gives meaning to our lives, so it makes sense to be on the lookout for signs of his presence in the world around us. In fact, recent scientific discoveries point resolutely to the existence of our Creator, revealing all the structures of the universe’s intelligent design by a “someone” with a purpose and a plan.
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All Things New: Taking Stock and Moving Forward

When I review my own life, I vividly recall periods that seemed like a lot of senseless struggle at the time, but which God later used for his own sweet purposes. As a young actress, I experienced what a lot of naive and desperate “wannabes” discover, as they struggle to make their way in the world of showbiz: moments of glory flecked into oceans of disappointment and failure. I spent many years failing to build an acting career that would pay my bills and grant me some standing in the artistic community.
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Are We Better Catechists & Evangelists as We Age?

The short answer is "it depends." But for prayerful Catholics who persevere in cultivating a relationship with God, over time, the answer is a resounding YES. First, the most radiant witness is someone in love with God. That soul connection with Christ magnetizes our personalities and fast-tracks our growth in virtue. As our souls are increasingly conformed to Christ, our ability to lead, nurture, and inspire the faith of others explodes. And in a critical sense, this empowerment all comes down to obedience.
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