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Oscar Romero: Journey to Sainthood

Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, was gunned down on March 24, 1980, while celebrating Mass. Over the next few days, his body lay in state in the cathedral where he had so often preached. Thousands of mourners filed past his coffin, many of them campesinos, landless peasants and field workers, who had traveled miles to be there.
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Solanus Casey's Beatification Explained

Solanus Casey will be beatified this month! All around the United States, people will celebrate the life of this holy Capuchin friar in November. Over half a million people are expected to attend the celebration at Ford Field in Detroit, a city where Casey served for 20 years as porter and sacristan at St. Bonaventure Monastery.
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Saints in America

What is a saint? We are tempted to reply at once: “a very holy person.” Ah, but what is holiness? That is a more complex issue. We can’t point to a foolproof lifestyle to define what holiness is supposed to look like. Some canonized saints of the Church were kings and queens in palaces; others begged on the streets of their cities. Some were wellborn and educated, while as many were peasants, unsuccessful students, or simpleminded.
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Mother Teresa's Journey of Grace

Image: Franciscan Friars of St. John the Baptist Province. Mother Teresa was born into a loving family. Her parents, Nicholas and Rosa, nurtured their children and the young Bojaxhiu family flourished. During the day, their devoted mother cared for the children while their father was at work. When evening approached, Rosa would rush about and prepare to greet Nicholas. No matter what had happened during the day, Rosa was always smiling when Nicholas returned home. Growing up in the midst of this joyful existence was a pleasure for Aga, Lazar, and Agnes.
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Mother Teresa’s Road to Sainthood

Scarcely two years after the death of Mother Teresa in September 1997, the Archbishop of Calcutta at the time, Monsignor Henry D’Souza, requested that Pope John Paul II dispense with the five-year waiting period required before beginning the process of beatification and canonization. 
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The Mother Teresa I Knew

The first time I heard Mother Teresa speak was at St. Albert’s College in Ranchi, India. I was doing my studies in philosophy at the college, and she came to address the staff and the students in March 1966. I met her personally at noon on November 30, 1966, in the motherhouse parlor in Calcutta. (In January 2001 the Indian government officially changed the city’s name to Calcutta.)
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