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Models of Faith: Mother Teresa

When it was announced that Mother Teresa would be made a saint, it is not unfair to say that such a declaration was, in a word, anticlimactic. Her fans didn’t require the formal announcement: In the hearts of millions, she was already a saint. She's two years into her sainthood, and love for her has not waned.
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Mother Teresa: A True Saint

In his autobiographical The Seven Storey Mountain, Thomas Merton remembers a conversation with poet Robert Lax. The two friends were strolling in Greenwich Village shortly after Merton’s conversion to Christianity when Lax suddenly asked: “What do you want to be, anyway?”
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Thank You, Mother Teresa

   By blood she was Albanian. By law she was Indian. By faith she was Catholic. By calling she belonged to the world. But her heart belonged entirely to Jesus.
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The Mother Teresa We Knew

Mother Teresa of Calcutta strips you and me of every excuse to do nothing to help the hungry, the sick, the lonely, the unloved, the rejected, the hurting, the confused, the imprisoned.
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My Friend, Mother Teresa

I'll never forget when I heard that Mother Teresa had died. I heard a reporter announce, "Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work among the poorest of the world's poor, died Friday in Calcutta, India, where she lived since her work with the destitute began five decades ago. She was 87." Startled and saddened by the announcement, I found myself reflecting upon that grace-filled moment in time I spent with her in Calcutta, India, in October 1987. I could hear the sounds and smell the strange, pungent odors that are Calcutta. I longed to kiss Mother Teresa's worn, calloused hands and embrace her again.
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Mother Teresa: ‘The Saint of the Gutters’

On October 19, 2003, Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who died in 1997. The process leading up to the beatification has been the shortest in modern history. In early 1999—less than two years after Mother Teresa's death—Pope John Paul waived the normal five-year waiting period and allowed the immediate opening of her canonization cause.
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Mother Teresa: A Holy Life

Mother Teresa was a force of nature and wholly unique. She was always her own person, startlingly independent, obedient, yet challenging some preconceived notions and expectations. Her own life story includes many illustrations of her willingness to listen to and follow her own conscience, even when it seemed to contradict what was expected.
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