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Lent with the Saints: The Patriarch Joseph

Genesis 37:3–4, 12–13a, 17b–28a; Psalm 105:16–17, 18–19, 20–21; Matthew 21:33–43, 45–46
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Saint Joseph: A Man to Emulate

Why do we make such a big deal out of the feast of someone we know so very little about? After all, except for the story of Joseph and Mary finding Jesus in the Temple at the age of 12, Saint Joseph isn’t even mentioned outside of Matthew and Luke’s infancy narratives—and even they are not considered historical by most Scripture scholars. So, what’s the big deal? Simply put, Saint Joseph is important because of the role he played in the lives of Jesus and Mary—and ours. Like so many saints, we don’t need a lot of data to realize the significance of his life. 
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Models of Mercy: Saint Joseph

My mother raised my sisters and brothers and me in the Catholic faith. While my dad supported her “nonnegotiable” decision, he wasn’t baptized until just before my seventeenth birthday. That was an extremely moving day for all of us, especially my mother. She had never forced my dad to believe, but she did provide him with an outstanding example of what it means to be a person of faith and service.
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