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Entries related to: saint-francis-of-assisi

Saint Clare of Assisi: A Little Plant or a Mighty Oak?

East of the Piazza del Commune in Assisi, stands the Cathedral of San Rufino. Near the church and its adjacent piazza once stood the home of the nobleman and knight, Favarone Offreduccio and his wife, Ortulana. On July 16, 1193 or 1194, Ortulana gave birth to their first of three daughters whom they named Chiara.
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The Padua Program: Leading a Franciscan Ministry Today

To say that there is a Franciscan approach to economics, to business practice, appears to many an organizational leader as a pious exaggeration or a delusion. How can an order founded by a man dedicated to absolute poverty claim to have wisdom to offer in a market-driven society? What do I mean by Franciscan economics? Often, the American capitalistic economic worldview is a zero sum game based on scarcity. If you win, I lose, and vice versa. Franciscan economics sees a world of abundance and what I like to call “Just enough.”
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Was Saint Francis a Poet?

  A little-known fact about Saint Francis of Assisi is that he is considered one of the first Italian poets by literary critics. His “Canticle of the Creatures” combined his love for God with his mastery of poetry.
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The Padua Program: Called to Serve

Francis and Clare of Assisi were reluctant leaders. I have spent a lot of time wondering why people followed them. Initially, Francis’ charismatic personality attracted people. Clare was attracted by Francis’ preaching, and they quietly began a conversation perhaps about what is important and what is unimportant for living a Christ-like life. 
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Saint Francis and Prayer

Our lives are so easily fragmented between responsibilities to friends, family, employers, neighbors, and the larger human family that we may think we don’t have the time or energy for prayer. That was the experience of Francis of Assisi up until his mid-twenties. Then he discovered that prayer was more real than many of the things he had been considering more important.
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Francis and Junipero: Two Saints, One Vision

The first journey of Padre Junípero Serra when he arrived in the New World was to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe near Mexico City. There he offered the success of his missionary efforts to her intercession, for Mary, as Serra knew, is the Church’s inspiring model for the work of missionary discipleship. When she appeared to the indigenous Juan Diego as Our Lady of Guadalupe, she was dressed like his people, spoke his language, and had the face of a mestiza, a woman of mixed race. 
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Saint Francis and the Canticle of the Creatures

   How can we sum up the spirituality of Saint Francis? One way to start, Murray Bodo, OFM, says, is to consider Francis’ “Canticle of the Creatures.” “He praises God,” Murray says,“by being a part of all of the created world.”  Enjoy this glimpse into Saint Francis' Canticle! And for more with Fr. Murray, check out his book Francis: The Journey and the Dream.  
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Like-Minded: Saint Francis and Pope Francis

  How are Saint Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis linked? Friar Casey Cole explains that Pope Francis shares Saint Francis' care for the poor, as well as emphasis on the environment.
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Saint Francis of Assisi: Peacemaker

Being a peacemaker can be thankless—even dangerous. That’s why people still admire Saint Francis of Assisi and his legacy. He embraced “the other.” In their faces, he saw the face of Christ. How can we model that kind of behavior? Murray Bodo, OFM, gives us an answer in this week’s video. 
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The Peace Prayer of Saint Francis

Though written in simple language, Saint Francis' Peace Prayer provides rich material for spiritual reflection. The following are some of my thoughts on the Peace Prayer inspired by the lines of this prayer and by the example of Francis.
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