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Saint Francis and Suffering

Might the authority of those who suffer bring the diverse cultural and social worlds together? —Johann Baptist Metz
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Clare of Assisi: A Servant Leader Ahead of Her Time

Saint Clare of Assisi is possibly best known for her holy demeanor, her rejection of material wealth, and her life of voluntary poverty. While those are admirable qualities, she was also a formidable servant leader.
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Saint Clare of Assisi: A Little Plant or a Mighty Oak?

East of the Piazza del Commune in Assisi, stands the Cathedral of San Rufino. Near the church and its adjacent piazza once stood the home of the nobleman and knight, Favarone Offreduccio and his wife, Ortulana. On July 16, 1193 or 1194, Ortulana gave birth to their first of three daughters whom they named Chiara.
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Honoring Saint Clare of Assisi

It was August 11, 1993. I had just taken lunch at St. Francis Friary, our Franciscan headquarters. I worked as an editor and writer at St. Anthony Messenger for many years. After lunch, I stopped to say a prayer in the friary chapel. At the foot of the altar, I noticed a picture of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi standing together. The picture had been placed there because of Clare’s feast, which is August 11.
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The Padua Program: Leading a Franciscan Ministry Today

To say that there is a Franciscan approach to economics, to business practice, appears to many an organizational leader as a pious exaggeration or a delusion. How can an order founded by a man dedicated to absolute poverty claim to have wisdom to offer in a market-driven society? What do I mean by Franciscan economics? Often, the American capitalistic economic worldview is a zero sum game based on scarcity. If you win, I lose, and vice versa. Franciscan economics sees a world of abundance and what I like to call “Just enough.”
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The Padua Program: Called to Serve

Francis and Clare of Assisi were reluctant leaders. I have spent a lot of time wondering why people followed them. Initially, Francis’ charismatic personality attracted people. Clare was attracted by Francis’ preaching, and they quietly began a conversation perhaps about what is important and what is unimportant for living a Christ-like life. 
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Take Nothing for the Journey: Living with Less on Pilgrimage in Assisi

I turned away from the lost-and-found baggage counter at the airport in Rome. Over the course of the last two and-a-half hours, it had become clear that if my suitcase was anywhere in the airport, no one could tell me exactly where that might be. I had waited in line for over an hour, been shown into a room full of unclaimed bags and asked if mine was among them (it wasn't), then waited in line again to file a report. 
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Through the Door of the Dead with Clare of Assisi

In addition to spiritual resources, Franciscan Media publishes inspirational Christian fiction. Below is an excerpt from The Mystery at Midnight, a novel for children ages 7-10 by Lisa M. Hendey. In this tale, a modern-day girl named Katie travels through time to meet Clare of Assisi just as she decides to leave her family and commit her life to Christ. 
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The Legacy of Saint Clare

  Francis’ recognition and honoring of the feminine, that was such an important part of his life and teaching, took concrete and personal shape in the person of Clare. She has usually been overshadowed by her partner, Francis, in the public imagination; in her writings, she seems to see herself that way very humbly, as we see in this wonderful opening quote. But Chiara Offreduccio (1193–1253) has finally begun to emerge as her own person, with her own unique identity, writings, and message. She was not just Francis’ feminine counterpart, but also had her own strength, message, and identity.  
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