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The Work of Our Hands

Though today is a day of rest, it's the perfect opportunity to look at how our work reflects God, who is often compared to a potter. We know from the gospels that Jesus worked with his foster father, who was a carpenter (or a stonemason). 
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The Power of Sleep

One of my favorite things when my daughter would come home from college was to make her breakfast, though most times I’d have to wait until late morning for her to wake. Now married and in the workforce, she stayed over our house recently and told me she’d be gone before I woke the next morning.
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Honoring the Sabbath, Honoring Creation

Recalling a memory from last summer: The sun is beginning its tilt toward the west as cicadas buzz and summer tanagers click from the white and green branches of black hickory. We follow the trail up, over the jackfork formations of shale and sandstone, a slow climb along ridgelines. My youngest daughter, not yet two, runs up and down the trail, doubling her steps and stopping only to pick up a hickory nut or investigate an odd leaf. My oldest daughter, four, skips and bounds along, swinging an Easter basket repurposed for berries.
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