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Holy Quotes from Franciscan Saints

In my book, The Franciscan Saints, I selected more than a hundred Franciscans—many, but not all, drawn from the long list of official Franciscan saints.  Beginning with the founders, Francis and Clare and their first generation of followers, they include friars, women religious, and the diverse family of tertiary or Third Order Franciscans, a company comprised of laypeople, clergy, and even popes.
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Holy Quotes from Catholic Saints

As Catholics, our temptation is to admire saints from such a distance that we forget they were still human beings who cooperated with God’s grace as best they could each day. Our temptation is to admire bits and pieces of a saint’s life but to affirm that, considered as a whole, this person’s life is simply too extreme and God simply could not expect that much conversion and dedication from anyone. But God only asks that we do the best we can—in our own space, our own time, our own way.  “In His will is our peace,” sing the saints in Dante’s Divine Comedy. We cannot, however, truly be at peace unless we allow our conversion to God’s ways to be open-ended.  —Pat McCloskey, OFM Enjoy these quotes from some of our greatest saints.
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