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Entries related to: purgatory

Purgatory 101

One thing we see through the history of the Church is that, with certain doctrines, something changes in the way they are understood. Take, for example, purgatory.
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This Life and the Next

I have been a Franciscan priest for 60 years. As a priest, a good deal of my ministry has been at the end of a person’s life. Indeed, we priests help dying persons as they prepare to complete their life’s journey and return to the Lord.
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Notes from a Friar: A Look at Hell

A lot of people have questions about heaven, hell, and purgatory. To better understand hell, let’s review a bit. Everything about God and us centers on relationship. Heaven is complete and perfect union with God for eternity. Purgatory is union with God (through sanctifying grace), which is imperfect and incomplete.
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