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Entries related to: psychology

Catholic Prayer: A Surprise within a Surprise

  Image: Wayne S. Grazio. In the preparation of the book, Prayer in the Catholic Tradition: A Handbook of Practical Approaches, I wanted to surprise the readers but, in the process of editing the 45 contributions, something unforeseen also happened to me. I experienced deeply for myself the richness, breadth, and relevance of Catholic prayer as never before.
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How to Cope with a Crisis

Image: Pompei. The ground beneath the city of Pompeii began to heave days before a crisis erupted that threatened the lives of all who lived there and in the surrounding towns. At first, residents of the Roman city did not worry. Earthquakes were a common occurrence. Life went on. Maybe a few people looked up and out, toward Mt. Vesuvius, visible in the distance. But people did not seem to connect the tremors with a possible eruption – at least not at first.
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