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The Gospel of Prayer

One of the places we can turn to for help in learning how to pray is the Gospel of Luke. More so than any of the other Gospels, his is the Gospel of prayer. Luke gives us glimpses of Jesus praying in virtually every kind of situation: Jesus prays when he is joy-filled, he prays when he is in agony, he prays with others around him, and he prays when he is alone at night, withdrawn from all human contact. He prays high on a mountain, on a sacred place, and he prays on the level plane, where ordinary life happens.
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Adopting a Contemplative Mantra

“God has no rivals, and therefore as a child of God, neither do I,” the monk taught. I was on retreat attending a class at Saint Meinrad Archabbey—a Benedictine monastery in southern Indiana—taught by Father Adrian Burke, OSB. “I have no rivals,” he repeated.
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Power of the Rosary

You've probably heard the expression knock on wood. But what you might not know is that one derivation of this popular saying refers to one of our own Catholic traditions—the recitation of the rosary. The rosary was a physical representation of inner faith, and it was natural to touch it when you were in distress or pain. “Knocking” rosary beads together, people said, was a sure means to get an answer to your prayer!
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Pathways of Prayer

You and I are sometimes like TV sets that are not properly tuned into a station. The news announcers are there talking. The station is sending out live signals. But if we have not turned on our sets, there will be no communication! This is often our problem with God. God is out there—as well as inside us—beaming forth love, goodness and inspiration. But it’s lost on us because we fail to pray, to tune in or open ourselves to God’s loving presence.
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A Morning Prayer

We begin with a simple idea. It goes like this: God speaks as softly as possible and as loudly as necessary.
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Humanizing God

We are all familiar with the ways in which Jesus used imagery to help us understand who he was. He described himself as the shepherd and we are his sheep. Of course, we know we are not really sheep, but we understand the loving care of a shepherd for his flock. That’s just one example.
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What Is Silent Prayer?

I hope this blog will help you find the contemplative experience you seek. What you and I may indeed need at this juncture is what some spiritual guides and writers call the “Prayer of Inner Quiet.” One of the richest forms of prayer can occur when the heart is absolutely quiet. As the psalmist says, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).
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The Presence of God

There are many writers whose work I admire, and among them is First Nation Canadian writer Richard Wagamese. In his book One Story, One Song, one of the chapters is called “Impossible Blue.” In it, the author describes “a special shade of blue that appears where the sun meets the horizon every morning. It sits in that mysterious space where darkness meets light, where night begins its brightening into day…. You need to sacrifice some sleep and comfort in order to be out under the sky when that colour emerges,” he says… “[but] for me, that colour is gateway to the spiritual realm.”
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Struggling with Prayer

We are not, by choice or ideology, a culture set against solitude, interiority, and prayer. Nor are we, in my opinion, more malicious, pagan, or afraid of interiority than past ages. Where we differ from the past is not so much in badness as in busyness. Most days, we don’t pray simply because we don’t quite get around to it. Perhaps the best metaphor to describe our hurried and distracted lives is that of a car wash.
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Daily Prayers for Catholic Women

As women, we have so much work to do in our world. We are called to love, to serve, and to accept the responsibility of bringing others to Christ and Christ to one another. Our family, our spouses, our children, our co-workers, and all of the people in our lives need our love and attention. And they need good examples that they can follow in striving for holiness.
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