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Take Nothing for the Journey: Living with Less on Pilgrimage in Assisi

I turned away from the lost-and-found baggage counter at the airport in Rome. Over the course of the last two and-a-half hours, it had become clear that if my suitcase was anywhere in the airport, no one could tell me exactly where that might be. I had waited in line for over an hour, been shown into a room full of unclaimed bags and asked if mine was among them (it wasn't), then waited in line again to file a report. 
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What Is a Catholic Pilgrimage?

  What is a pilgrimage? It's certainly not a vacation, says Greg Friedman, OFM, who leads tours in Assisi, Italy, and the Holy Land. "When you go on pilgrimage," Fr. Greg says, "you are there to allow God to work in your life."  
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Traveling to Sacred Sites across America

In the late 1980s, I lived in Brooklyn. I had a pretty nice, reasonably priced, one-bedroom apartment, but my neighborhood was, to be charitable, tired. On weekends, there was nothing of interest to keep me there, so I got in the habit of taking the subway under the East River to Manhattan.
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A Pilgrim in the Holy Land

In addition to spiritual resources, Franciscan Media publishes inspirational Christian fiction. Below is an excerpt from The Pilgrim, a novel by Davis Bunn.   Helena did not really want her world to end. She simply wanted it to be different. It was a desire that had carried her through her childhood and early years. She had started this journey thinking that the quest would serve her well enough once more. Only now, as she stood and watched their ship glide across oil-slick water, she was not so sure.
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