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Thank You, Mom

I have a confession to make: I don't like children. Let me rephrase: I don't like children I’m not related to or know in some capacity. The sound of a crying child in a grocery store sends me right to the Chilean wine section. If an angry child in a restaurant raises his voice one too many times, I want to dive under the table. And I can't even talk about kids in theaters.
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Reflections of a First-Time Mother

As a mother, nighttime has become sacred for me. I'm not quite sure when it became that way, but it was sometime during my pregnancy. I give thanks each time night comes, for it has become our time—time for you and me to celebrate our mother-daughter bond.
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7 Ways to Thank Mom

It would be a scary world without our mothers. Moms are proof that God loves us. Regardless of our age, our location, or our independence, there's something unmistakably comforting about them. Franciscan Media and Servant Books offer titles that would make excellent gifts for moms who are looking for faith-affirming reading.
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Mother's Day: Her Beauty Is Hiding in Plain Sight

Image: John Ottoson. This Mother's Day, contact a woman in your life who has mothered and mentored you—mom, grandma, an aunt, colleague, or friend—and shower her with love by proving that you see her unique beauty for what it truly is. I'll share a few simple steps for writing her a "beauty letter." It will be the best Mother's Day gift she ever receives.
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