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Wrestling with God

Image: flickr. Can you imagine being startled out of sleep in the middle of the deep darkness of a desert night in a full on grappling match with God? In the Old Testament we see the story of Jacob awaking to find himself in that very situation. He woke in the middle of the night—and the middle of the desert—and found he was not alone. Genesis 32:24 tells us that he “wrestled with him until daybreak.” As jujitsu fighters refer to it, he was “rolling” on the desert dirt and being slammed up against car-size rocks. This was the longest mixed martial arts fight in history, with no timeouts and no referee to stop the fight.
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Follower of Saint Francis: Sister Carmen Barsody, OSF

Image: Erik Seidenglanz. "Sometimes home is in the relationships we hold.” Sister Carmen Barsody, OSF, cofounder of Faithful Fools Street Ministry, in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, appreciates that statement—made by one of the people who work with the ministry. “Our first effort is to be in relationship, and then we move on from there,” she says.
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Follower of Saint Francis: Father Christian Reuter, OFM

Image: Prison museum in Ankara, Turkey. As Catholics, we are challenged by our faith to look into the faces of the marginalized, and to see the light of God shining back at us. Our culture, though, seems to revel in blame and punishment. Father Christian Reuter, OFM, knows well the cycle of violence, and, over the last 13 years, has promoted an alternative approach through his work in prison ministry.
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