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5 Minutes to Mindfulness

“Time is going by so quickly!” I hear that comment nearly every day from relatives, friends, patients, and even strangers I chat with at the grocery store. Life seems to be whizzing past at lightning speed. We all say we’d like to slow it down, but, in the midst of our super busy, modern lives, how can we do that?
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A Monday Meditation

I recently cycled across town to a pub on the Philadelphia waterfront. I sat at a table with a breathtaking river view: piers lined with magnificent sailboats, water splashing gently against the dock. We had gone from dodging traffic to the serenity of the majestic Delaware River in a matter of minutes. My thoughts transitioned to meditation.
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The Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been a trusted resource throughout cultures and centuries for those who long to quiet their minds and hearts. When we turn the volume down around us, Clifford Hennings, OFM, says, we can open ourselves to hearing the voice of God.
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Adopting a Contemplative Mantra

“God has no rivals, and therefore as a child of God, neither do I,” the monk taught. I was on retreat attending a class at Saint Meinrad Archabbey—a Benedictine monastery in southern Indiana—taught by Father Adrian Burke, OSB. “I have no rivals,” he repeated.
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Midlife Meditations

Growing older seems effortless, I discover, as I suddenly realize that my birthday is only weeks away. I have done nothing to hurry the hands of the clock. I have had no say in how one day melts into the next, or how months melt into one year, and then another. 
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