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This Life and the Next

I have been a Franciscan priest for 55 years. As a priest, a good deal of my ministry has been at the end of a person’s life. Indeed, we priests help dying persons as they prepare to complete their life’s journey and return to the Lord. In my 55 years, including 11 years as chaplain at a 700-resident retirement center, I estimate that I have conducted over 750 funerals.
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Proclaiming the Message of Life: Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Image: Altarpiece picture of Johan Ludvig Gebhard Lund (1777-1867) in Saint Peter's Church, Copenhagen. As the weekend approaches, reflect on this week's readings through the lens of life—the life of Christ and the sacredness of all human life. This reflection is taken from Proclaiming the Message of Life: Weekly Reflections from the Lectionary by Fr. Frank A. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life.
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