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Preparing for Lent with Friar Roger

We might think that the hope of Lent has to do with our hope that we will get through it, that we will come to the end of it. We see Lent as an obstacle course we need to navigate in order to get to the great feast of Easter. But while the Lenten season is indeed preparation for our Easter celebration, the hope of this season is that we will find our lives transformed by the many ways we encounter God’s Word.
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Lent Is a Journey Inward

Ash Wednesday is just a few days away. Many of us will be spending the next few days deciding what to give up. But Roger Lopez, OFM, encourages us to slow down and really think about what this season means. Lent isn't about what external temptations we want to give up. Lent is more an internal journey of discovery and oneness with God. 
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Learning to Live Poorer: A Meditation for Lent

The trail begins with an easy climb, along old logging roads, through a young mix of pine and oak, hickory and sweet gum. The last of the golden crowned kinglets call their see-see-see from the needled branches of the loblollies and the red buds blaze with their purple signs of spring. The season turns; tilting again toward the sun.
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Lent with Pope Francis: Loving the Least of These

A Word from Pope Francis “How is your health, you who are a good Christian?” — “Good, thank God; but also, when I need to, I immediately go to the hospital and, since I belong to the public health system, they see me right away and give me the necessary medicines.” — “It’s a good thing, thank the Lord. But tell me, have you thought about those who don’t have this relationship with the hospital and when they arrive, they have to wait six, seven, eight hours?”
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A Lesson for Lent: Carry the Cross of Jesus

The challenge of being an adult, one who helps carry life for others, is to give ourselves over in love, duty, and service without resentment. Those last words are key: Real love is not simply a matter of giving ourselves over in service and duty (mostly we have to do this anyway, whether we want to or not), it’s a question of giving ourselves over without being resentful. Lent is the perfect time to look at this more closely.
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40 Days of Lent: Contemplating God

Since most of us are called to an active life, we assume that we are disqualified from contemplation. And to think we could be mystics would be simply an act of pride—or worse, an indication that we might need psychiatric help. But if we look a bit deeper into the Catholic tradition, we see that contemplative, mystical prayer is actually a normal part of the Christian life meant to be experienced by everyone—especially during Lent.
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Lent: The Ultimate Transformation

When we were younger, our Lenten promises were often a candy fast, ice cream cleanse, or even a break from pop. As we have gotten older, maybe we've tried giving up sweets altogether. Hopefully as you’ve gotten older, you have come to realize that this time isn’t so much a time for giving up a certain type of unhealthy food—or restraining from unhealthy habits—but rather a time for you to recognize what is getting in the way of growing closer to Christ, and putting in the effort to eliminate that roadblock.
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