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Lenten Recipe: African Sweet Potato Peanut Soup

The other night, we made this tasty soup at the Convent in the form of a stew, with pieces of chicken thighs cooked into it, and chunks of sweet potato left intact. We loved the flavor so much that we thought we’d create our own recipe in a meatless rendition, something to relish during Lent. 
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Lenten Recipe: Crispy Baked Seafood Patties

If you are trying during Lent to make your meals simpler, less indulgent, and more in keeping with the Lenten spirit, you will want to consider adding these crispy baked seafood patties to your menu. Last week at the convent we made these with tuna, but any seafood of choice (such as salmon or crab meat) would lend itself perfectly to this recipe.
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Lenten Recipe: Baked Mediterranean Fish

Fish is perfect for Lent! Not only because of its nutritional value, but also because it’s so convenient, fast and easy to cook during these busy days when time is at premium. Here at the convent we include fish weekly in our meal planning and prepared in this Mediterranean way it appeals to many. We often serve it with fresh kale which is still growing in our garden and continues to provide us with many healthy benefits through the winter months.
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Lenten Recipe: Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns are sweet rolls marked with a cross on the top. They are a very popular Lenten treat, especially on Good Friday. There are many myths and legends surrounding the history and significance of Hot Cross Buns, but I took a special liking to the ones that I learned about from the Smithsonian.
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Lenten Recipe: Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Our Lenten journey is underway! The church has been dressed in violet and our promises to God for these 40 days have been made. The chants for the season speak of hope, transformation and a return to God.  In the monastery, it is traditional to simplify life, not only in our work but also in our attitudes and our eating.
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Lenten Recipes: Rolled Sole with Fennel and Citrus

Hospitality is an important ministry of Benedictines, but also with that comes the need for a spirit of flexibility! You never know when a guest can appear needing a meal or a place to spend the night. Being a Type-A personality and a perfectionist, this gift is not something that comes naturally to me. My life at the Villa was a wonderful time for me to breathe and let God take the reins.
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