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Sacramental Do-Over

We are two weeks into the new year—a good time to take stock on our resolutions. Each year we promise to do things to improve our health, our lives, our relationships, etc. The gyms are packed, houses are organized, and grocery shopping takes on a new, healthier perspective—at least for a while.
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To Be Joyful

The renowned Lutheran theologian and World War II martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer is famous for presenting a number of helpful ways to look at Christian discipleship.I believe that among the most significant for those of us in religious life today, or living out our vows in any walk of life today, is that of the distinction between “cheap grace” and “costly grace,” discussed in Bonhoeffer’s book The Cost of Discipleship.
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Following Jesus Through Life's Traffic Jams

I was driving home from Myrtle Beach with my sisters and we came across a heavy load of traffic just as we were passing through the Smokey Mountains. Without traffic, we probably still had four hours left, but with the newfound obstacle in our way, Apple Maps was saying that we had 6 1/2 hours. Oh, the joy! I’m pretty sure that everyone’s patience is sucked out of them whilst in traffic jams, and this case was no different. 
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The Search for Real J.O.Y.

    Our pope has a huge amount of Twitter followers. We’ve seen him pose for plenty of selfies with Catholics of all ages during his papal audiences and during his travels. Taking selfies can be a good and a wholesome thing and can even promote the joy of the Lord. It’s all in the intent and the approach. Looking at selfies through the lenses of faith and the eyes of Christ will keep us grounded morally, spiritually, and legally as well.
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In Search of Perfect Joy

Image: Forrest Cavale. Twenty-five centuries ago, Aristotle wrote a book called Nicomachean Ethics, in which he concluded that the ultimate goal of human beings is and ought to be happiness. Aristotle’s book became a classic long ago. But when you think about it, its thesis is rather commonplace. When we honestly examine our lives, we quickly realize that what we want is to be happy. What sane person wouldn’t? So we scarcely need an ancient Greek philosopher to tell us what we already know. What isn’t so obvious is how to be happy. There are any number of answers out there competing for our attention. The advertising industry, for example, spends billions of dollars annually to tell us that true happiness lies in buying this or that product. Pop psychologists assure us that happiness consists in getting in touch with our primordial self, looking out for number one, or learning how to be intimate. (It all depends on which psychologist you read.)
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Following Jesus in Perfect Joy

Image: Tyler Mullins. The human heart desires joy. We all desire joy, every family, every people aspires to happiness. But what is the joy that the Christian is called to live out and bear witness to? It is the joy that comes from the closeness of God, from his presence in our life. From the moment Jesus entered into history, with his birth in Bethlehem, humanity received the seed of the Kingdom of God, like the soil receives the seed, the promise of a future harvest.
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