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How Jesus' Disciples Handled Fear

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that's taken over our newsfeeds and our peace of mind, something even more discouraging has developed in its wake: fear. Father Roger Lopez, OFM, thinks of the disciples after the resurrection. They're isolated and afraid. But Jesus visits them in that room and says four words the disciples need to hear, "Peace be with you."
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Saint Francis' Prayer before the Crucifix

"Most High glorious God, enlighten the darkness of my heart. Give me right faith, sure hope and perfect charity. Fill me with understanding and knowledge that I may fulfill your command."
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Trusting God in the Desert: A Lenten Meditation

Some years ago I heard a psychologist give a talk in which he shared this insight: A love relationship is a relationship of trust. And if you allow a relationship of trust to become one that always demands proofs and evidence, you run the risk of undermining that relationship.
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Following Jesus Through Life's Traffic Jams

I was driving home from Myrtle Beach with my sisters and we came across a heavy load of traffic just as we were passing through the Smokey Mountains. Without traffic, we probably still had four hours left, but with the newfound obstacle in our way, Apple Maps was saying that we had 6 1/2 hours. Oh, the joy! I’m pretty sure that everyone’s patience is sucked out of them whilst in traffic jams, and this case was no different. 
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Who Do You Say That I Am? A Meditation on Jesus

On our spiritual journeys, we each must decide how we relate to sacred writings. For instance, do we view the Bible as only a historical document or as something dynamic that functions more as an invitation rather than an operations manual?
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