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Homily Helps: Coming of the Son of Man

Exegesis of the Gospel: Luke 21:25–28, 34–36 Today marks the beginning of Advent. The emphasis running throughout the Scriptures chosen for this season is watchfulness.
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Homily Helps: Be Prepared

Exegesis of the Gospel: Mark 13:24-32 Chapter 13 is the most difficult section of Mark’s Gospel, using apocalyptic, symbolic language that usually points to some ensuing catastrophe.
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Homily Helps: The Poor Widow

Exegesis of the Gospel: Mark 12:38–44 Once again we find Jesus criticizing the scribes, the experts in interpreting the Torah. They were an ancient version of a lawyer. Not all scribes were self-serving as the ones depicted in this passage. Jesus is not condemning all scribes—only the ones who fail to carry out their duties justly and with compassion.
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Homily Helps: Jesus on the Meaning of Discipleship

Exegesis of the Gospel: Mk 8:27–35 Today’s Gospel is the first of three passion predictions which form the theological center of Mark’s understanding of discipleship (Mk 8:31–38; 9:30–37; 10:32–45).
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