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A Walk through Holy Week

The high holy days of the Christian faith are almost here. This past Sunday, Palm Sunday, we read the passion narrative from the Gospel of Matthew. During Holy Week, the liturgy focuses on the death and resurrection of Jesus. Here is an overview and an invitation to join in the three days of the Passover feast.
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The Road to Easter

It is dusk—8:00 on the night before Easter. At the front doors of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Clovis, California, parishioners have gathered around a large copper tray in which a fire is crackling. As the flames produce sparks and popping sounds, Father Robert Borges, our parish administrator, blesses the fire and lights the three-foot-tall paschal candle. Our newly ordained permanent deacon, Gary Stevens, holds the candle high and begins the ancient acclamation, “Christ, our Light. Thanks be to God.” 
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What I Love about Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday Mass is one of my favorite celebrations of the liturgical year. I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard—a lot of people find this first part of the Triduum to be a powerful service for many different reasons. Some people enjoy the symbolic washing of feet, while others simply want to attend in order to celebrate the Eucharist on the night of the Last Supper. For me, though, what makes Holy Thursday special is the procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the altar of repose.
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An Easter Pageant in Three Liturgical Acts

There’s a quip that says that London and the Vatican are the two places left in the world that know how to put on good pageantry. Both can pull out all the stops and create ceremonies full of pomp and ritual. With music and banners, with colorful clothing and ornate rituals full of rich symbols, both can entertain and inspire, reaching into the imaginations and hearts of thousands. And who doesn’t love a good experience that sweeps us into a different world of meaning and significance? Just think of a royal wedding, funeral, or the election and installation of a new pope.
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A Reflection on Good Friday

She was young, attractive, athletic, dressed in spiffy, hot-pink tennis duds—and crying. As other members of her tennis team gathered around sympathetically, the woman explained that she was “too enmeshed” with her son, a bright boy who had serious problems with social and motor skills.
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