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I Am Anthony of Padua: Finding Holy Ground

Knowing the direction we must go is but the first stage of the spiritual search. I traveled long, I traveled hard. I felt sea terrors and land loneliness. But I was blessed to discover more than one place that spoke to my heart. You, too, need such a place, your own Bethlehem where you can be born and reborn, cradled and lullabied. I want to help you find that heart’s home.
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A Call for Holy Simplicity

On many occasions, the late Pope John Paul II reminded the church of the universal call to holiness. “Everyone in the Church,” he wrote, “precisely because they are members, receive and thereby share in the common vocation to holiness.”
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Finding God in the Everyday

Ever felt lost on your spiritual journey? Many people have—even in the Bible. A very wealthy young man runs to Jesus, kneels at his feet and asks him: “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mk 10:17). After this eager inquirer asserts that he has faithfully kept God’s commands all his life, Jesus lovingly invites him to a deeper level of discipleship—along with a promise that he will find treasure in heaven—after selling his possessions. When the young man hears this, he walks away sad because he refuses to give up his many possessions. 
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Saints in the Making

Image: Dick Vos. Occasionally, we will hear someone say, “She was a saint,” but we’re more likely to hear, “He was no saint,” or to say with a shrug, “I’m not a saint.” Our concept of saints is that they are extraordinary people who, for the most part, lived long ago and possessed special divine favors that the majority of us neither have nor comprehend. We admire and venerate them, but their alabaster perfection is beyond us. Becoming a saint is frightening because it seems to demand the impossible. Why would God demand from us what is not attainable? Or do we not understand what makes a person—a sinner like any of us—a saint? 
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