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A Look at Halloween and All Saints Day

Is it OK for Christians to celebrate Halloween? Is this annual celebration something to fear or avoid? What is the Feast of All Saints and why does it fall on November 1? In this funny and informative video, Colin and Roger take a look at these two popular celebrations.
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Surrounded by Saints

Outside in my garden is a statue of Saint Francis, patron saint of animals and the environment. I also have a few items depicting Saint Fiacre, the patron of gardeners. But if you were to ask me who the real patron saint of my garden is, I would have to say that it’s my Aunt Ellie.
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No Clowns for Halloween?

Image: David Gallagher. Halloween, the eve of All Saints, November 1, is just around the corner. In the USA there have been numerous clown sightings which range from the bazaar to the deadly. Creepy clowns have appeared in the United Kingdom with some gross images posted on the web. International copycats have appeared in Australia and elsewhere. How should we respond? Obviously, in our US culture, we face a delicate balance between allowing the right of free expression while safeguarding the right of citizens to reasonable security and child protection.
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